Welcome to Chigger Ridge

Chigger Ridge Outdoors 4-17-05Chigger Ridge is located on the western edge of the Missouri Ozarks, about halfway between Reeds and Sarcoxie. No, you won’t find it listed as “Chigger Ridge” on a map . . . it’s just the name we gave our farm when we moved here years ago. Don’t let the name fool you . . . we don’t have that many chiggers, but we have lots of other critters roaming around . . . including the owner, JD (aka Boomer).

The main crop on our farm is Miscanthus Giganteus. It started as part of the MFA biofuel program, and now under Renew Biomass. The miscanthus is harvested and used for various purposes, like fuel pellets for heating, particle board, and even as an additive in pet food.

JD is a licensed firearms instructor, and teaches Concealed Carry courses.

We started making our own soaps, lotions, and what-nots for ourselves, and now everyone wants some, so now we sell it. You can Click Here to look at some of our products and, if interested, contact us to order.